Visiting the Mustang Museum of America

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Mustang Museum of America

I recently had the opportunity to visit the Mustang Museum of America in Odenville, Alabama and I’ve got to say I was really impressed especially once I was told how recently the museum started. The Mustang Museum of America officially opened its 30,000 square foot collection to the public in March of 2019.

The museum is family owned and operated and most of the vehicles on display are privately owned.  Now if you have a mustang you’d like to display in the museum they do accept individually owned cars provided they are mostly originally and museum quality.  You can learn more about the museum’s requirements for displaying your car by visiting their website.

Huge display of Mustangs

One of the most impressive things I saw during my visited the museum was their collection of state trooper vehicles including a USPS and USAF Fox body.  I was told the museum has every state but one that ordered one, but they are currently working on adding that state as well.

The museum is not far off of HWY 20 and a quick drive from Birmingham.  I was able to visit on my way home back to Atlanta, GA without much of a detour at all and it was totally worth it, especially if you’re a Ford Mustang fan.

Mustang Museum of America

49 Forman Farm Rd
Odenville, AL 35120

Cost: $13.75
Plan: 1hr
Open: Thursday – Monday 9am – 6pm

Sean Mathis

Sean Mathis


Sean Mathis is the Founder of the Miles Through Time Automotive Museum in Clarkesville, GA, and the creator of the Automotive Museum Guide.

Image via Sean Mathis



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