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Stahls Automotive Foundation has always been one of the car museums I really wanted to visit ever since I first learned about the museum. I finally got the opportunity to visit and it was only a 12-hour drive from Georgia. 😉 but well worth it.

There is one thing that really sets this museum apart from any other car museum I’m aware of and that is the collection of vintage music players. I’m not talking about little music boxes and these beasts way predate what you would think of as a jukebox.

The engineering and art form that went into building these massive pieces of equipment is just as astonishing as the cars themselves.

When you first enter Stahls Automotive Foundation the first thing you see is what looks to be like super neat gigantic furniture. Now you may think “ah that’s neat” and want to rush to the cars, but it is worth slowing down and even getting to listen and watch these machines play over 3 different instruments in some cases that were built a hundred years ago.

Once you’ve gotten your fill of vintage music, you’ll pass through another door and the sight of the cars and signs on display will be music to your eyeballs.

Some of the cars on display I had never seen before, which is exactly what I want to see when I visit a car museum. Plus there is a Tucker on display which is always awesome to see.

My advice is to make a trip and visit Stahls Automotive Museum which is less than an hour from Dearborn, Michigan if you’re in town to visit the Henry Ford Museum or the Ford Piquette Avenue Plant.

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Sean Mathis

Sean Mathis


Sean Mathis is the Founder of the Miles Through Time Automotive Museum in Clarkesville, GA, and the creator of the Automotive Museum Guide.

Image via Sean Mathis



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