The Collector’s Museum

California, Western

The Collector’s Museum is only open by appointment to groups and car clubs.
There are eighteen display cases containing thousands of smaller items are on display, including an extensive collection of Happy Face (Smiley Face) items from the seventies.
In the museum is also the original Elton John Pinball Wizard pinball machine. There is a Baby Pac Man, and the original x-rated South Park Pinball.
Other collections include Children’s Toy Electric Stoves, Portable Radios, Pot metal Souvenir buildings, Automobile memorabilia, Puppets, Carnival Chalkware, Model cars, dealer promotion cars, and Dinky Toys, Worlds Fair from the 1800s through Seattle, Max Headroom Collectibles, Portable televisions, Automobile dealer promotion items, Brides and grooms (wedding cake tops), British Royalty, King and Queen, Clock Radios, and Magic Lanterns and glass slides from the turn of the century.


Cost: Free but by appointment only
Plan: 1hr
Open: By appointment

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