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Millstream Classic Car Museum

Utah, Western

The Millstream Classic Car Museum is a collection of about 50 restored cars and about 50 additional unrestored cars. The museum includes vehicles dating from a 1912 Model T Ford to vehicles from the ’60s ’70s and ’80s that are already considered classics.

There is also a considerable number of “orphan” cars–cars that are no longer made. There are Hudsons, Nashes, Packards, and even little-known cars such as a Lloyd, a Kaiser, and even foreign cars such as a Yugo, a Renault, a Fiat, and a Citroen.

There are cars that are extremely rare–an Amphicar, and cars that are extremely collectible and in-demand–1957, 58, and 59 Ford hardtop convertible and a 1955 and 1956 Ford Crown Victoria. This museum represents cars that the public actually drove and can affiliate with.

Reach out to Millstream Classic Car Museum before you visit to ensure the museum will be available for you to tour.

255 1080 N
Willard, UT 84340
Email: margosmith@earthlink.net

Millstream Classic Car Museum Admission:

Plan: 1+hr

Millstream Classic Car Museum Hours:

By Appointment

Image via Heber:g: Roskelley


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