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Automovil Club Argentino Museum

Argentina, South America

In the museum of the Argentine Automobile Club you can see different relics that are part of the historical heritage of our entity and at the same time pay tribute to those who were pioneers and promoters of sports and tourist motoring.

In this exhibition, you can see “jewels” such as the Daimler of 1892 and the Ferrari 166 used by Juan Manuel Fangio in the international seasons of special cars – today Formula 1 – of 49 and 50.

Also pieces such as: a 1903 Peugeot car with a single-cylinder engine, a two-seater Wanderer (tandem seats), a 1912 Daimler, among many other historical examples: such as the electric car, the Krieger brand of 1898, Mors 1899 and the Yruam, automobile projected and designed in Argentina between 1927 and 1928 by the French engineer Maury.

You will find examples of sports motoring: a 1924 Hudson with a 4736 cc 6-cylinder engine that was used by Ricardo Nasi, a replica of a road-touring Ford A Baquet, and another 1908 Renault. In addition to machines such as the Brabham BT 36 of the year 1971 with which Carlos Alberto Reutemann disputed the European Formula 2 championship. And its predecessor the Brabham BT 30 from 1970.

On the walls of the rooms you can see photographs and other documents related to the history of the institution and motorsports in Argentina, such as the patent for the first car that circulated in the country (Nº 1, by Dalmiro Varela Castex, founder of the Automobile Club Argentinian).

Av. del Libertador 1850,
C1425 AAR, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Email: museudelamoto@canillo.ad

Automovil Club Argentino Museum Admission:


Plan: 1-2hr

Automovil Club Argentino Museum Hours:

Monday – Friday 10 am – 5 pm


Image via Daniel De Mattia


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