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Sarasota Classic Car Museum

Florida, Southern

The Sarasota Classic Car Museum is the second oldest continuously operating antique car museum in the Nation!

Here you will view an impressive variety of classic and muscle cars all on display side by side. The Sarasota Classic Car Museum features immaculately restored vintage automobiles spanning a one-hundred-year history of man’s automotive genius!

The museum features over 75 automobiles, consisting of the alphabet of the world’s foremost automobile manufacturers; Alfa Romeo, Bentley, Cadillac, Edsel, and Ferrari, just to name a few of the exquisite examples of automotive craftsmanship!

Bring the family to explore the history of the “car.” See one-of-a-kind autos, and enjoy the magnificent workmanship and ingenuity of one of man’s greatest accomplishments!

While in the gift shop, take the children and let them pick out a miniature memento of their favorite car!

The Gift Shop also features other rare collectibles, unique exhibits, and hard-to-find automotive books. For the camera buffs, you don’t miss the museum’s impressive antique camera exhibit.

From the “horseless carriage” to a sleekly designed “speedster,” you will not be disappointed with this breathtaking display of automotive history!

5500 N Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34243
Email: info@sarasotacarmuseum.org

Sarasota Classic Car Museum Admission:

Adult $18.00
Senior 62+ years $16.00
Military $13.00
Child 6-12 years $11.00
5 years and under FREE

Plan: 1hr

Sarasota Classic Car Museum Hours:

Daily 9am – 6pm


Image via Maritsa Valladares – Facebook


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