Old Cranks Motorcar Museum

Southern, Virginia

Old Cranks Motorcar Museum is an eclectic collection of over 70 antique vehicles from 1906 Orient Buckboard to the 1980s. The collection also includes a 1919 Stanley Steamer, a 1917 Detroit Electric, a 1923 Templar, a 1943 Ford GPW WWII Jeep, and a 1947 Chrysler woody. Vintage clothing, auto-related memorabilia are also on display and hand-dipped ice cream.

407 S Railroad Ave
Galax, VA 24333
Email: luv2fly53p@centurylink.net

Admission: Adults $4, Kids $2
Plan: 1hr
Open: Saturday 12pm – 4pm & Sunday 1pm – 4pm


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Image via https://www.facebook.com/oldcrankscarmuseum/photos/


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