Ogeechee River Car Museum

Georgia, Southern

 with The Ogeechee River Car Museum is located on the Rock Mill Plantation which is a Private Historic Property. Reservations can be made to tour Rock Mill Plantation at rockmillplantation.com.

The collection has been procured over the years by auctions, trades, word of mouth, and online sales. Many of the cars have been restored right in the museum’s garage area.

Reservations to visit the museum need to be made 24 hours in advance but once you visit you’ll not only love the cars but you’ll also love Judy’s Restaurant and the Coca-Cola Room as part of the 21,000 sqft. museum.

1280 Jewell Rd.
Jewell, Ga 31045

Email: ashap1@aol.com

Plan: 1hr
Open: 24+ hr reservation with 6 or more visitors


Image via https://www.facebook.com/OgeecheeRiver-Car-Museum


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