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Museum of Automobiles

Arkansas, Southern

The Museum of Automobiles was founded by Winthrop Rockefeller in 1964 before he became Governor of Arkansas. The museum housed Rockefeller’s collection of antique and classic cars until his death in 1973, and in 1975 the collection was sold to collector Bill Harrah for $947,000, which included 68 motorized vehicles and three that were horse-drawn. The museum building, designed by the Little Rock firm of Ginocchio, Carter, Cromwell, and Neylan, and 57-acre grounds were donated to the Arkansas Department of Parks and Tourism.

A new non-profit corporation was formed and reopened the Museum in 1976 with cars on loan from collectors around the country, leasing the building from the state.

There are 50 Antique Cars, 6 Antique Motorcycles, Antique License Plate Collection, Antique Small Cars, Antique Amusement Machines that still work, and a Gift Shop on display. 

8 Jones Lane,
Morrilton, AR 72110
Email: info@museumofautos.com

Museum of Automobiles Admission:

Adults $10
6-17 $5
Plan: 1-2hr

Museum of Automobiles Hours:

10-5 pm daily


Image via https://www.facebook.com/MuseumofAutomobiles


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