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Museo Nicolis

Europe, Italy

One of the most exciting private museums in Europe, Museo Nicolis in Verona tells the story of twentieth century technology and international design.

Museo Nicolis exhibits the treasures of Made in Italy and international mechanics in an itinerary that, hall after hall, presents valuable and plentiful collections that vary from cars, motorbikes and historical bicycles, to cameras and typewriters, musical instruments and even a few aeroplanes.

Besides being an unmissable stopover for tourists, machine-lovers and the curious, with its absolutely unique exhibits, Museo Nicolis is also a symbol of innovation and development and plays an active role within Museimpresa (Italian Association of Archive and Museum Companies).

The Museum owes its foundation to the enormous passion of Luciano Nicolis for collecting unique technical and mechanical items. A collection that represents the history of life and that obtained its first 6000 square-metre exhibition area when it opened in 2000. A Car, Engineering and Mechanics Museum based on historical technology all housed inside an ultra-modern and entirely accessible building. His treasures are subdivided into eight different collections in order to provide an organized and structured itinerary to suit every visitor.

It houses 10 collections, whose numbers are incredible: 200 cars, 110 bicycles of the great champions, 100 motorbikes, 500 cameras and movie cameras, 100 musical instruments and jukeboxes, 100 typewriters, 100 Formula 1 steering wheels and turing steering wheels but also small airplanes and instruments, a military area with relics of First and Second World War, models of cars, motorbikes and trains, and original works of human talent. On one side of the exhibition building the museum provides a Meeting Center, the “Room of Ideas”, tourist activities, a Documentation Center, a Library and a one of the best stocked Bookstore concerning the motoring world.

Viale Postumia, 71,
37069 Villafranca di Verona VR, Italy
E: info@museonicolis.com

Museo Nicolis Admission:

Adult €14.00
Seniors €12
Kids €6

Plan: 1-2 hr

Museo Nicolis Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 6 pm


Image via https://www.facebook.com/museonicolis/photos

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