Marathon Village

Southern, Tennessee

Marathon Village is a neighborhood born out of the buildings that once housed Marathon Motor Works (1910-1914). The company started in Jackson, Tennessee in 1907. It was the first factory to totally manufacture automobiles in the southern United States and the only one to do so until General Motors made the Saturn in 1990.

Serving as a model for adaptive re-purposing of historic structures, Marathon Village has become a diverse destination where artists, performers, designers, business professionals, and inventors co-exist. They have a first-floor retail experience like no other that includes flagship stores from the History Channels’ American Pickers to legendary whiskey makers, Jack Daniels. In addition to shopping, they have a Marathon Motor Works museum showcasing five of the remaining eight Marathon vehicles located in the original MMW showroom.

1305 Clinton St
Nashville, TN 37203

Admission: $5
Plan: 2-3 hr
Open: Monday — Friday 10am — 6pm
Saturday — Sunday 10am — 6pm

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