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Bubble Car Museum

Europe, United Kingdom

Microcars or bubble cars are a significant part of British motoring history. An alternative to full-size cars, these small, fuel-efficient vehicles were powered by engines of less than 700cc in size.

The Bubble Car Museum has over 50 microcars on display, many in thought-provoking dioramas. Examples of Bond, Isetta, Reliant, Frisky, and Bamby to name but a few.

There is also a row of recreated shops for you to explore, memorabilia, a gift shop, and a cafe – great for afternoon tea!

Clover Farm, Langrick
Boston PE22 7AW, United Kingdom
Email: bubblecarmuseum@btinternet.com

Bubble Car Museum Admission:

Adults £4
Children £1

Plan: 1 hr

Bubble Car Museum Hours:

Friday – Sunday 10 am – 4 pm


Image via https://www.facebook.com/JaimanuelPhography/photos/


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