Texas Fire Museum

Fire, Southern, Texas

Texas Fire Museum educates the public about fire safety and loss prevention, preserves the heritage of fire services, and honors the men and women who fight fire. Over 60 antique fire vehicles showcase a century of fire service.

TFM displays over 500 examples of vintage equipment and tools. They operate the world’s largest collection of warning signals, including rotating beacons, flashing lights, and sirens.

TFM is housed in the old Dallas Fire Department Maintenance Facility. The facility was restored by volunteers. Today, the Museum is a spectacular 125,000 square feet complex of exhibition halls, offices, and shops.

TFM is one of the few truly working museums in the nation. They have comprehensive capabilities to maintain, repair, and restore historic fire apparatus.

2600 Chalk Hill Rd
Dallas, TX 75212
Email: texasfiremuseum@gmail.com

Admission: Free
Plan: 1-2hr
Open: Thursday, Friday & Saturday 10am – 2pm *temporarily closed*


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