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South Carolina Military Museum

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The mission of the South Carolina Military Museum is to honor and chronicle the South Carolina citizen soldier and this State’s martial tradition from its colonial founding in 1670 to present-day operations worldwide. Featuring an impressive collection of artifacts, displays, and exhibits, the Museum tells the story of the South Carolina militia, its evolution into the National Guard, and its important role today as a reserve component and force multiplier for the United States Army and Air Force.

The South Carolina Military Museum possesses a vast array of authentic firearms, edged weapons, uniforms, ordnance, artillery pieces, and armored fighting vehicles that literally bring history to life. These include a Columbiad Cannon that once protected Charleston Harbor, an AH-64A Apache Cockpit and Weapons Trainer, and an H-13B “Sioux” Helicopter –  serial number one! Interspersed throughout are also such items as an M48A1 “Patton” Tank, an amphibious WWII German Schwimmwagen, one-of-a-kind Type II Blakely Rifled Cannons, an F-104 downward-firing ejection seat, and a rare collection of South Carolina swords/sabers

One can easily find pieces of the Palmetto State’s military history elsewhere. But only the South Carolina Military Museum offers genuine artifacts from every period in South Carolina history. From “new world” battles with the Spanish to hunting down Taliban in Afghanistan, the Museum honors all of South Carolina’s sons and daughters in uniform. Their history, after all, is our history and the South Carolina Military Museum is devoted to preserving this legacy for all generations.

1 National Guard Rd
Columbia, SC 29201
Email: scmilitarymuseum@tag.scmd.state.sc.us

South Carolina Military Museum Admission:

Plan: 1hr

South Carolina Military Museum Hours:

Monday – Saturday 10am – 4pm


Image via https://www.facebook.com/scmilitarymuseum/photos/


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