Mustang Owner’s Museum

North Carolina, Southern

The Mustang Owner’s Museum is located in Concord, NC. Why Concord, NC, “where racing lives”? It is a major automotive destination for enthusiasts, with NASCAR, NHRA, and Auto Fair with each event scheduled twice a year plus the NASCAR shops open to the public.

That is just part of the reason the county of Cabarrus and the city of Concord experienced the passion of Mustang enthusiasts in 2014 and have welcome the Museum with open arms.

The Museum showcases over 25 Mustangs.  These Mustangs include classics, modified, racing, and a few unique versions.  The goal is to show the automotive world the many reasons why the Mustang is the most popular “pony car” in the world. 

4005 Dearborn Pl NW
Concord, NC 28027

Admission: $10
Plan: 1 hr
Monday – Saturday  10AM – 5PM
​Sunday 12PM – 5PM

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Image via Steve Hall


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