Discover Indiana Automotive Museums, Events, and History.

RV Hall of Fame Museum

RV Hall of Fame Museum

The RV Hall of Fame Museum is self-guided, but there is an information sheet for each unit throughout the museum and informational videos scattered through the building as well.

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Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum

Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum

The Early Ford V-8 Foundation Museum exists to collect, preserve, exhibit and interpret the history and heritage of the products manufactured by the Ford Motor Company between 1932 and 1953.

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Discover Indiana Automotive Museums, Events, and History.



Indiana is a Midwestern U.S. state known for its farmland and renowned auto race, the Indianapolis 500, held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. In the capital, Indianapolis, theaters and galleries line Massachusetts Avenue. The city’s Downtown is home to the iconic Soldiers and Sailors Monument, the Canal Walk promenade and the Indianapolis Museum of Art and its wide-ranging collections.


For a while, Indiana was the hub of the automobile industry. Automobiles were produced in more than 40 cities within Indiana. In Kokomo, Elwood Haynes built one of the first cars in 1894. He drove it on Pumkinvine Pike in Kokomo a little over a mile at a top speed of 7 miles per hours. By 1916 his company with his partners, the Apperson brothers, sold more than 7,000 cars. But 1924, Detroit closed-in and forced the company under. The largest Indiana automobile manufacturer was the Studebaker Company. It produced its first car in 1901 and continued making automobiles until they closed in 1963.

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