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Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer


On May 18, 1982, antiques dealer Helmut Pfeifhofer opened Europe’s first private Porsche car museum in Gmünd in Carinthia. It is no coincidence that someone from Gmünd came up with the idea of ​​building such a museum. The dreamy town of Gmünd in Carinthia, the southernmost province of Austria, was the place where Porsche, after moving out of Stuttgart, was able to survive the turmoil of war with its team and machinery after 1944.

Helmut Pfeifhofer remembers:
“This was the time when my Porsche fanaticism began. As a ten-year-old boy, I went to school with some of the designers’ sons, and I was fascinated by Porsche and this fascination has continued to this day.”

In 1965 he bought the first Porsche 356 and painstakingly restored it. This was followed by VW Kübelwagen pretzel windows and others, but mainly Porsche 356. The pride of the collection, which has now grown to 48 vehicles, is a Porsche from the very first Gmündner series, hand-hammered aluminum body – chassis number 356 0020.

In 1976, Helmut Pfeifhofer bought the former court stables of the Counts of Lodron. The “Marhof” was renovated with enormous personal and financial commitment and the befitting abode for the Porsche car museum was created. An archive with a cinema and historical documentation is intended to set the mood for viewing the vehicles. A separate Gmünd department, where the constructions made in Gmünd are exhibited, takes the visitor to the creative period of the Porsche family, during the Gmünden years from 1944 to 1950.

Since the 10th anniversary there has been an agreement between the Porsche factory in Stuttgart and the “Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer” in Gmünd, a so-called MUSEUM STREET Stuttgart-Gmünd was set up. This means that the Porsche Automuseum in Gmünd always has a new SPECIAL EXHIBITION with interesting exhibits from the Porsche factory museum in Stuttgart. In 2001, his son Christoph took over this probably unique private collection and expanded it with rare racing cars that he successfully used in historic races.

Porscheplatz 1,
70435 Stuttgart, Germany
E: office@auto-museum.at

Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer Admission:

Adults: € 11.00
Group price from 20 people per person: € 10.00
Children from 6 to 14 years: € 5.00

Plan: 1 hr

Porsche Automuseum Helmut Pfeifhofer Hours:

May – October 
Daily 10 am – 4 pm


Image viahttps://www.facebook.com/pages/Porsche%20Automuseum%20Pfeifhofer%20GmbH/


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