Motorama Auto Museum


Motorama Auto Museum Ltd. is Wisconsin’s largest auto museum. a 501(c)(3) non-profit, charitable organization. Automobile donations welcomed. 100% of donations are used to advance our mission to educate current and future generations by preserving and displaying twentieth century automobiles for their historical value, unique engineering and aesthetics. The museum includes over 400 rare and unusual vehicles from across the planet, featuring the Alfa Heaven collection of over sixty vintage Alfa Romeos. Displays include the Race Room, filled with historic race cars and memorabilia.
The Main Museum building contains 2 floors of unusual autos, some the only known surviving example. In the Bike Barn, you will find several hundred motorcycles plus more odd cars. The Motor Pool consists of military vehicles and a really big gun. Ralph’s Quality Corvairs, the worlds last OK Chevrolet lot. The tour is not complete without a walk through the old car Bone Yard. Be prepared to spend some time as the museum is housed in multiple buildings and covers nearly twenty acres.
The newly expanded museum events grounds includes show vehicle park, two swap meet areas, and river front campground with motorhome sites. Motorama hosts the Central Wisconsin Military Show every august.

4381 Stradale Lane
Aniwa, WI 54408

Cost: $10, kids free
Plan: 1-2 hr
Open:  May – October Tuesday – Saturday 9am – 5pm

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