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Halderman Museum Barn

Central, Ohio

The Halderman Museum Barn is a tribute museum to the late Gale Halerman who passed away in 2020.   Gale was one of the head designers at Ford Motor Company and is the one responsible for the design of the original Mustang in 1965. Halderman’s sketch which was done in the middle of the night at his kitchen table was chosen by Lee Lacocca to become the new Mustang.

The Halderman Museum Barn is made up mostly of Gale Halderman’s personal collection and pays tribute to Mustang. The museum is open to the public but only appoint by appointment.

6476 US-40,
Tipp City, OH 45371

Halderman Museum Barn Admission:


Plan: 1hr

Halderman Museum Barn Hours:

By Appointment


Image via Darlene Marrs

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