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Fuji Motor Sports Museum

Asia, Japan

The founding purpose of Fuji Motor Sports Museum is “tracing the hot history of how motorsport has refined and changed the automotive world,” the permanent exhibition is provided in cooperation with 10 domestic and foreign automobile manufacturers as the world’s first attempt at a motorsport museum.

About 40 historic motorsport vehicles from Japan and overseas will be gathered together. These include the long-treasured participating cars from the 1922 Strasbourg Grand Prix (first “Sunbeam Grand Prix” full-scale public exhibition in Japan) and the “Toyota 7”, the winning vehicle in the 1969 Japan CAN-AM, which has also received many requests for permanent exhibition.

645 Omika, Oyama,
Sunto District,
Shizuoka 410-1308, Japan
Email: fuji-msm@toyota-ep.co.jp

Fuji Motor Sports Museum Admission:

fuji motorsports museum hours
Plan: 1hr

Fuji Motor Sports Museum Hours:

Daily 10 am – 5 pm


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