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Foundation Auto Museum Volkswagen

Europe, Germany

The past becomes tangible, memories are revived, emotions are brought to life, historic automobiles set the pulse racing, and a marque with history has one thing over its competitors – its credibility based on many years of trust. The saying at Volkswagen – it goes on and on and on – from the Beetle era continues to apply to the Golf in the modern age.

Only a few hundred metres separate the past and the future here. The Volkswagen AutoMuseum is situated near the Volkswagen factory where the latest Volkswagen models are produced. On an exhibition space covering some 5,000 square metres, a total of 130 vehicles provide a fascinating insight into the product history of Volkswagen. Among the main exhibits are many rare concept vehicles, prototypes and one-off models.

The Foundation Auto Museum Volkswagen was officially born on 25 April 1985. That is the date on which the technically and historically significant collection curated by the Volkswagen Group – housed in a former clothes factory with a certain industrial charm – was first opened to the public. On 1 January 1992 the museum was converted into a non-profit-making foundation: the Volkswagen AutoMuseum Foundation. In spring 2001 – at the same time as the ZeitHaus museum opened in the Autostadt – the museum concept was revamped and the decision was taken to concentrate solely on the Volkswagen marque, further enhancing the attractiveness of the exhibition.

Dieselstraße 35,
38446 Wolfsburg, Germany
Email: info@automuseum-volkswagen.de

Foundation Auto Museum Volkswagen Admission:

Normal price: € 8
Concessions: € 4
Families: € 20
Annual pass: € 40
Groups (from 10 people): € 4 per person
Guided tours (10–25 people, by prior arrangement): € 40

Plan: 1-2hr

Foundation Auto Museum Volkswagen Hours:

Tuesday – Sunday 10 am – 5 pm


Image via https://www.automuseum-volkswagen.de/en/the-museum.html


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